Warrior Ways Training Center

The One Source in Lehigh Valley for Training in Martial Arts, Military Skills and Outdoor Survival

Martial Arts and Self Defense, Lehigh Valley, PA

Martial Arts and Self Defense, Lehigh Valley, PA


      Tactical Skills and Strategy

Military Skills

One of the very unique aspects of the Warrior Ways Training Center is the ability to offer training and various aspects of military skills and disaster preparedness. Whether it is a one on one confrontation, or it is you along with a group of people of any size, being able to achieve success or victory for the sake of survival is paramount. However, there are a myriad of skills which require development and practice in order for one to gain any major advantage over an adversary or adverse conditions. Some of the subject matter for both study and practical application include but are not limited to the following:

  • Building a Defensive Position
  • Movement to an Objective with a Group
  • Patrolling and Reconnaissance
  • Stalking Techniques
  • Proper Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Field First Aid
  • Cover and Concealment
  • Map and Terrain Skills for Planning and Practical Application
  • Signaling
  • Building and Strategic Placement of Obstacles
  • Understanding of Weapon Systems - Ranges, Sectors of Fire, Combining Arms
  • Implementation of Outdoor Survival Skills

Disaster Preparedness

For a variety of reasons, there has been quite an increase over the last 10 years in public interest in outdoor survival and disaster preparedness skills. Much of this originated from the painful realities dating back to 9/11 whereas some are religion driven. Evidence of this boom can be seen when one looks at all of the different survival, disaster and "post apocalyptic" tv shows and movies that have emerged. The Warrior is not a "bandwagoner" that practices these skills because it's the popular thing at the time. Instead he/she listens and feels the pulse of the Earth, society and the true nature of things from an objective standpoint so as to properly study and understand what the situation is. At the Warrior Ways Training Center, we feel it is an important piece of training that should be included as part of the curriculum in the spirit of keeping one alert and prepared for modern day calamities. We live in a world where shootings, plagues, nuclear/biological/chemical threats, climate change consequences and terrorism are harsh realities. For this reason, we focus from time to time on appropriate tactics and strategies we can incorporate for ourselves and our loved ones to be able to survive.