Warrior Ways Training Center

The One Source in Lehigh Valley for Training in Martial Arts, Military Skills and Outdoor Survival

Survival Training, Lehigh Valley, PA

Survival Training, Lehigh Valley, PA

Why do children need martial arts? 

In our society today we require much of our children. We make them go to school; we make them go to some kind of religious education or practice; we often require them to participate in activities, sports or hobbies. Many of us teach them to stand up to bullies and not tolerate it, yet sadly we are finding more and more that every time two kids get into an argument one thinks he or she is being bullied. In a world that is in desperate need of balance and is full of dangers like child abductions, school shootings, internet predators and hate crimes, does it not make sense to arm our little ones with skills not only to keep themselves alive, but to ultimately live a happy, balanced and productive life? The martial arts are the perfect means by which this can be accomplished. Over the years martial arts centers have spouted the same words over and over - "develop courage, confidence, discipline!" - or "learn self control, self esteem and self respect!" The truth is that not all martial arts are created equal and as a parent, one should be very careful which style and which dojo is the right choice for their child. 

Warrior Ways Training Center - A Unique Place to Learn Skills for Life!

The martial arts training hall here at Warrior Ways - "Lehigh Valley Bujinkan Dojo" - offers training in very effective survival skills for adults and children alike. The training is based on the strategies, tactics, armed and unarmed warfighting skills of the ancient Japanese "Warrior Class" or "Bushi" - which included Samurai and Shinobi ("Ninja") warriors. The minimum age for children to participate is 7 years old and training is conducted with children integrated into the same class as adults. This is not very common in martial arts schools, but because of the cooperative spirit and positive energy of the dojo, this has been very successful and enjoyable for adults and children alike. Additionally, having a number of advanced and skilled adults on hand makes an extremely safe environment. 

Children are extremely versatile and open to learning new things - often times better than adults. In our training hall they will receiving training in the following:

  • Proper postures and attitudes
  • Balanced Movement
  • Understanding of Positioning
  • Understanding of Timing
  • Understanding of Distance
  • Understanding of Angling
  • Development of Awareness - sensory and intuitive skills
  • Peaceful Approach to Life 
  • Recognition of Danger
  • Physical Conditioning through rolls. leaps and breakfalls
  • Striking Methods
  • Unarmed Martial Arts Techniques (Bujutsu) derived from the lineages that comprise the Bujinkan
  • Armed Martial Arts Techniques - introduction to sword, spear, halberd, stick weapons, knives, chain weapons and throwing blades/spikes (NOTE: ALL tools used are designed for training - for example padded swords are used in place of real blades and rope is used instead of weighted chains - all to ensure safety first!)