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Adult Martial Arts Program

Adult training in the Bujinkan Martial Arts has multiple purposes. On the raw and very basic level, dojo members learn hundreds of techniques from 9 core Japanese lineages of Samurai and Ninja arts. Much of it includes weaponry like sword, spear, halberd, chain and staff weapons to name a few. The teachings are not simply rudimentary techniques for "winning a fight" but instead strategies and tactics for neutralizing a threat. This is very VERY different. One revolves around the ego and wanting your way, will or opinion imposed upon another (fight) versus a survival mentality which is what happens in warfare. On a higher level, principles learned from the physical movements is viewed in ways that apply to Life and the "battles" we all experience frequently in day to day struggle. The concepts and principles combined with physical skills lead to a very profound change in one's inner power within the body, mind and spirit.

CLASS TIMES:  Tues and Thurs  7:15-9pm

Survival Training

Occasional seminars are offered for members in outdoor and primitive survival methods. The purpose of these courses help connect to Nature and deeper learning about the cycles of life and death while also helping the student learn how to stay alive in various situations that one might find themselves in. Courses can be offered to the public with groups of 3-10 (contact for details.

Course Dates and Times are typically determined by participants' schedules of availability on an ongoing basis.

Kids Martial Arts Program

NEW!!! The kids martial arts class follows much of the same curriculum as the adult classes but most of the focus is on the physical skills and techniques and usually at a slower pace for everyone's understanding and abilities. The young are growing up in a world that has deviated in many ways from Truth and from the natural order of things. Training in these arts helps kids learn life skills of awareness, balance, confidence and truth. It is a pathway for them to develop an immoveable sense of righteousness and power within that will help them navigate many of life's pitfalls.

CLASS TIMES:  Tue and Thurs  6pm-7pm

Street Readiness Intensives

The on demand seminars are one day intensives typically between 3 and four hours long with the purpose of teaching practical self defense techniques to guard against many common attacks found on the street. This class is ideal for groups that can be targeted in today's world like women, children and seniors. Currently, this course is offered on demand with groups of 3 or more. Contact us for details.

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