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Warrior Ways is a martial arts and specialized survival training school created in 2003 by 7th degree blackbelt and Marine Corps veteran Matthew Norton for the purpose of teaching the ancient warrior skills of Japan's famed Ninja and Samurai. The deeper essences of these arts (collectively known as the "Bujinkan" warrior arts organization internationally), have a profound connection to and understanding of Nature. Using experience and training in primitive skills and outdoor survival as well as the martial skills, Sensei Norton has created a blend of trainings that help students become more aligned with the "natural order of things" while learning to better safeguard themselves and loved ones against those forces that would do harm. The more aligned with Nature one becomes, the more they blend with the changes in life, seldom surprised or off balanced by events, times or people. This is not only the path to surviving, but more importantly to LIVING and ultimately, Happiness.

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      We teach rare Japanese arts of warfare to empower fellow human beings in three primary ways:

   First, to physically safeguard themselves and loved ones from the forces in this world that would do them harm;

   Secondly, to overcome the internal battles within the mind in order to let go of the Ego and its illusory power for better focus and clarity;

   Thirdly, to apply one's physical and mental power, in order to align with Truth and Nature with an immovable spirit, thereby finding a life of peace and contentment 


Our Vision is to help people become better, more aware and compassionate human beings through the martial arts, ultimately improving their lives and contributing to a better, safer world

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