Warrior Ways Training Center

The One Source in Lehigh Valley for Training in Martial Arts, Military Skills and Outdoor Survival

The Warrior Way...

           Different from solely being a "soldier," the "Warrior" strives to embody the ideals of the great sages and mystics while also constantly training to master the self and everyday impulses that would stand in the way of Truth, Righteousness and Balance. This arduous journey leads to profound development of the body, mind and spirit through the martial arts and by harmonizing with the principles of Nature, It is often compared to a long and steep mountain path. It is full of wonder, discovery and reward but is not an easy climb...

At Warrior Ways Training Center we explore the techniques of Ninjutsu and Samurai Martial Arts, Military Skills and Outdoor Survival to learn more about ourselves and the True nature of things in our quest to become better human beings.
If some voice deep inside you is calling for you to make this journey, please explore our website and see if Warrior Ways Training Center may be part of your path. 

"Be prepared at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become."
Bujin - "Divine Warrior"