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Align with Nature. Empower Yourself. Transform Your Life.

Eastern Pennsylvania's single source for Survival, Martial Arts, and Tactical Skills Training

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The Mountain Path

Transformation is a journey much like a mountain path.. Success requires perseverance, commitment and tenacity, fighting inner battles along the way. CHOOSING this path of hardship for the sake of self betterment is what it means to be a Warrior. At Warrior Ways Training Center we have various means by which YOU, the traveler on this path can empower yourself and realize your human potential. We welcome you to explore our different programs and discover the next step on your journey!

About Us

At Warrior Ways, our mission is to help our human family evolve to their highest potential by offering training programs that empower the individual, expand their awareness and bring them closer to Nature - not just the natural world but the nature of their inner self. Whether it is practicing the powerful arts of the ancient warrior sages or understanding the primitive skills of native peoples, participants in our trainings will cultivate abilities to profoundly improve their lives and even make the world a better place.

Meet the Founder and Instructor

  Warrior Ways Training Center and its comprehensive curriculum was originally established in 2003 by Matt Norton to create a single location that provides multiple unique services. As a licensed sixth degree blackbelt in the Bujinkan martial arts organization, he brings over two decades of knowledge, wisdom and teaching experience to the long-term students of the Dojo as well as the short term participants of the Street Readiness self-protection intensives.

Time served as a US Marine Corps officer, traveling to different parts of the world and learning numerous survival techniques from the Tracker School in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, influenced the survival and tactical skills training curriculum. Matt’s goal has always been to align the different services in a way that helps all participants and members empower themselves and connect with their own true nature to discover personal growth. His ultimate hope is that for those finding value in any of the training, they improve at least some part of themselves even if only in a small way so that together, we can all protect those we care about as well as our Earth.  

What Makes Us Unique

Normally if one wanted to learn a martial art, develop survival techniques or learn skills like strategy, tactics or land navigation, they would need to go to multiple schools for the courses. Being able to offer all of these skills from ONE location and source, puts Warrior Ways Training Center in a class by itself.

Survival Training Programs